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Regional Transportation Planning

Regional transportation planning led by RTPAs is a collaborative process with federal, state, tribal governments/agencies, as well as other key stakeholders, and the general public. The process is designed to foster involvement by all interested parties, such as the general public, community groups, the business community, California Tribal Governments, environmental organizations, and local jurisdictions, through a proactive public participation process conducted by the RTPA in coordination with the state and transit operators. 

Current Plans and Studies

RTP 2025-2045

RTP 2020-2040.pdfFINAL EIR_EDCTC 2040 RTP.pdfRegional Transportation Improvement Program 2024

SR 49 American River Confluence Study

US 50 Corridor System User Analysis, Investment Strategy, and Access Control Action Plan.pdf


Completed Plans and Studies

Bay to Tahoe Basin Recreation and Tourism Travel Impact Study.pdfCamino Area Parallel Capacity Safety Study.pdfCamino Corridor PSR PDS.pdfRTP 2035.pdfRTP 2030.pdfSB743 Final Implementation Plan 2019.pdfSacramento Placerville Transportation Corridor Alternatives Analysis.pdfState Route 49 Relaignment Study.pdfSustainable Agritourism Mobility Study.pdf

US 50 Recreational Travel Hot Spot Study