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Regional Transportation Plan 2025-2045

EDCTC has started work on the 2025-2045 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) . The RTP is designed to be a guide for the systematic development of a balanced, comprehensive, multi-modal transportation system. This system includes but is not limited to: highways, streets and interregional roadways, public transit, aviation, freight/goods movement, active transportation (bikeways and pedestrian facilities), transportation systems management, and intelligent transportation systems. The RTP is action oriented and pragmatic, considering both the short-term (up to 10 years) and long-term (10 to 20 year) periods.

The RTP planning process began in November of 2023 when the Commission ratified the membership of the Regional Transportation Plan Advisory Committee (RTPAC). The RTPAC is a diverse group of individuals representing private and public sector interests related to transportation. The first RTPAC meeting was held virtually on January 30, 2024. The agenda and recording of RTPAC meeting #1 can be found here:

RTPAC Meeting #1 Agenda.pdfRTPAC Meeting #1 Video Link

The second RTPAC meeting was held virtually on April 17, 2024. At the meeting members discussed the Draft Vision, Goals, Objectives, and Strategies which establish the policy framework for project selection and prioritization in the RTP. A recording of RTPAC meeting #2 can be found here:

RTPAC Meeting #2 Video Link

At RTPAC #3 the committee was presented with preliminary results from a Transportation Investments Survey. Emerging trends in transportation in El Dorado County was discussed, as well as a preliminary discussion  about the project lists for Streets, Highways, System Operations and Management, and Intelligent Transportation Systems. The agenda, a presentation, and a recording of RTPAC meeting #3 can be found here:

RTPAC Meeting #3 Agenda.pdfEDCTC RTP Advisory Committee Presentation July 1st 2024.pdfRTPAC Meeting #3 Video Link

EDCTC will continue to update this page with details regarding our RTP 2025-2045 outreach efforts.

Public involvement is critical to the success of the RTP process. EDCTC engages the public early and often to ensure they have ownership in the process and end result. Regional Transportation Planning Agencies are required to implement a public involvement process including opportunities for private and public operators of transit and freight, tribal governments, local communities, the general public, and other interested/affected parties (Title 23 Sec. 134(g) (4); Title 23 Sec 135 (e); and Title 23 CFR 450.316 (b) (1) (c)). The RTP shall provide for complete information, timely notice, full public access to key decisions, reasonable public access to technical and policy information, and explicit consideration of public input, in addition to an effort to seek out and consider the needs of those traditionally underserved by existing transportation systems.