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Zero Emission Bus Fleet Conversion Plan

El Dorado Transit assumes that transitioning to a 100% ZEB fleet will affect every aspect of its operation including: management, changes to operational practices, operations and maintenance facility upgrades and/or new construction, adapting to new and changing technology, scheduling and dispatching bus routes, fleet maintenance, fleet size and type of ZEB’s to procure, funding ZEB procurement, staffing and training personnel, charging/fueling costs and infrastructure, and regulatory compliance. The project will provide El Dorado Transit with the tools it needs to address these and other issues and successfully transition to a ZEB fleet by 2040 and submit a ZEB Rollout Plan by July 1, 2023.


Final Zero Emission Bus Fleet Conversion Plan.pdf


Appendix 1:

SAC Meeting #1 Summary.pdfSAC Meeting #2 Summary.pdfOnline Questionnaire Summary.pdf

Appendix 2:

Site Concept Master Plan.pdf



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