Triennial Performance Audit 2015/2016, 2016/2017, 2017/2018

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June 2014 Staff Report Contigency Policy  
TDA - LTF Contingency Policy

Social Services Transportation Advisory Council
2018 Member List
There have been no SSTAC meetings during this audit period; however, the members have participated in Stakeholder Advisory Committees and commented at Unmet Transit Need meetings.  There have not been any SSTAC meetings during the audit period, but there have been three public hearings for unmet transit needs that the SSTAC was invited to comment on and did make some comments. SSTAC members have also served as SAC representatives on the Transit Center Study and the Coloma Plan.

Unmet Transit Need Hearings: None.

Blended Minimum Fairbox Recovery Ratio   
June 2014 staff report   Resolution

Fiscal Audits

EDCTC 2015/2016  Management Letter
EDCTA 2015/2016 Management Letter
Proof of Submission for both agencies

EDCTC 2016/2017, Management Letter,
EDCTA 2016/2017 Management Letter
Proof of Submission for both agencies

EDCTC 2017/2018, Pending
EDCTA 2017/2018, Pending

Overall Work Programs (finals with last amendment)     
2016/2017 ,  2017/2018


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