Western El Dorado County Short and Long Range Transit Plan

NOTICE: Public Workshop - August 28 FLYER

As a community changes, so should the transportation system. The El Dorado County Transportation Commission (EDCTC) is coordinating with El Dorado County Transit Authority (EDCTA), the public transit operator on the west slope of El Dorado County, to update the short- range and long-range transit plans for Western El Dorado County. The updated plan will reflect changes in population, evaluate existing services to ensure they meet the transportation needs of the community, and analyze new ways to provide more cost-effective public transportation services.  

The upcoming study will provide an opportunity to evaluate a wide range of potential transit service options in El Dorado County, including in the City of Placerville. It will also provide an opportunity to review current and near-term future transit needs and to gain public input on transit issues.

In updating the short-range (5-year horizon) and long-range (25-year horizon) transit plans, EDCTC and EDCTA share the goal of improving travel for El Dorado County residents.

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Public Workshop - August 28 FLYER

Public Workshop February 28 FLYER

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