Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Funding Call for Projects 2018/2019

Instructions for applicants Funding Application Master agreement agencies

Deadline February 6, 2019

As the Regional Transportation Planning Agency (RTPA) charged with programming federal and state transportation funding for the west slope of El Dorado County, EDCTC has determined future estimates of available funds from the Federal CMAQ program. The goal of the CMAQ program is to fund transportation projects or programs that improve air quality and relieve or reduce congestion. In accordance with Federal Guidelines, programming of CMAQ funds must consider quantitative data that demonstrate the project’s emissions reduction benefits. EDCTC is distributing CMAQ funding through a competitive application process.  The 2018/19 CMAQ Call for Projects was approved by the EDCTC Board on December 6, 2018, applications are due by close of business on February 6, 2019. Please download the Instructions for Applicants and Funding application for additional details.

CMAQ funds currently available are as follows:

 Available CMAQ Funds 2018/19 Call for Projects

2018/19 Balance Forward $[-3,989]

Estimated Apportionment 2019/20 - $1,588,088

Estimated Apportionment 2020/21 - $1,587,519

Estimated Apportionment 2021/22 - $1,586,939

TOTAL $4,758,557

Jerry Barton, Senior Transportation Planner
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