American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

About ARRA
The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) was enacted on February 17, 2009. The ARRA includes funding for an assortment of transportation projects including airports, rail, transit, ports, and highways/streets/roads. The ARRA includes $27.5 billion for highway projects nationwide. ARRA funding may only be used for transportation projects that are “shovel ready” and will create jobs quickly. El Dorado County will use its share of the ARRA funding on local road rehabilitation projects which meet federal Regional Surface Transportation Program guidelines. In general, eligible road rehabilitation projects must be based on a current Pavement Management System, must be cost effective, have a service life of five years or more, and must meet all federal-aid requirements. ARRA funds may only be used for costs associated with project construction (as opposed to planning or engineering). Furthermore, the projects must be obligated and out to bid prior to the 120 day deadline set for June 29, 2009. For more information on the ARRA visit

El Dorado County ARRA Projects
On May 7, 2009 EDCTC approved a resolution programming $4,750,512 in ARRA Regional Surface Transportation Program (RSTP) funding to road overlay projects throughout El Dorado County and the City of Placerville. Project selection was based in part upon the City and County Pavement Management Index which measure the condition of the pavement on all local roadways. Additionally, $5 million in State ARRA Transportation Enhancement funding and $173,967 in EDCTC ARRA Transportation Enhancement funding was programmed to the Bicycle and Pedestrian components of the Missouri Flat Road Interchange Project. Adding two Caltrans ARRA projects on State Route 49 and US 50, El Dorado County received approximately $46.3 million in ARRA funding for road projects.

Local Impact of ARRA Funding
The intent of the ARRA is to stimulate the economy, promote job growth, and improve the infrastructure of the nation. It is estimated that for every one billion dollars of ARRA funding 18,000 jobs will be created. Based upon this estimate El Dorado County’s share of ARRA transportation related funding in the amount of $46,355,879 represents the creation of up to 834 jobs throughout the county.

Overlay Projects
El Dorado County and the City of Placerville have a multi-million dollar backlog of road overlay and rehabilitation projects. Overlay projects are capable of meeting the urgent project delivery deadlines to quickly expend ARRA funds and stimulate the local economy.


Project Description Construction Costs
Overlay of Forni Road (Ray Lawyer Drive to the City limit)


Overlay of Carson Road (Dimity Lane to the City limit)
Overlay of Pony Express Trail (Ridgeway Drive to Crystal Springs Road)
Overlay of Cold Springs Road (City limit to Sleepy Hollow Road)
Overlay of Malcolm Dixon Road (Salmon Falls Road to Green Valley Road)
Overlay of Lotus Road Wunschel Lane to State Route 49)
Bike/Ped Components of the Missouri Flat Interchange Project
Caltrans State Highway and Protection Program Project (SHOPP) on State Route 49 near El Dorado
Latrobe Road overlay from Cothrin Ranch Road to South Shingle Road

Map of ARRA Projects in El Dorado County (1 mb)